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Why locum?

Locum work is a great way to expose yourself to new skills, new people and new places.

Locum positions for both sonographers and radiographers are continuously opening up all over Australia. 

We will help match your skills and experience with a site looking for staff. 

Locum positions can be short or long term and sites are often flexible on duration. 

Pay rates are extremely competitive and some locum positions will pay additional allowances for travel and accommodation.

Why Radiology Relief?

At Radiology Relief we believe finding your perfect job is only half our role. Whether it's helping you prepare professional documentation, assisting with accomodation or travel plans or just giving directions to the best burger joint close to your new work site we have got you covered. You can always reach us on 0433 503 146 or via email. We don't stop working once we find you a job, we will keep in touch during your placement to make sure you are getting the most from each and every locum role you undertake.

What do I need to be a locum?

  • To work as a locum in Australia you will need to have current AHPRA registration and suitable professional indemnity insurance.

  • Sonographers must have current ASAR registration.

  • Radiographers must have a radiation licence.

  • A minimum of one year experience in your field. 

What are the locum sonographer or radiographer wages? 

  • Locum sonographer and radiographer wages in Australia are at an all time high.

  • At Radiology Relief we have minimised our fees so we can pay some of the highest locum sonographer and radiographer wages in Australia, putting more of the money you earn back in your pocket.

  • Our pay rates are calculated based on experience, contact us today to discuss the rate you would be eligible for.

  • Penalties apply for shift work, weekends and public holidays. 

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